Friday, June 20, 2014

How did this happen to the Dalai Lama? New Delhi, June 20, 2014 | UPDATED 17:24 IST

An advertisement campaign by Amnesty International, Belgium, called 'Stop Torture' shows badly bruised and beaten faces of three iconic people - Dalai Lama, Iggy Pop and Karl Lagerfield, says a report in Yahoo! France. The campaign's objective is to draw people's attention to the evils of torture. The campaign's slogan in French is "Torturez un homme et il vous racontera n'importe quoi," roughly translated to "If you torture a man, he'll tell you anything."

Buddhist leader Dalai Lama. Photo:

The Buddhist leader's face is swollen with a cut lip and broken glasses. The caption reads: "Un homme qui n'a pas de Rolex a 50 ans a rate sa vie," which translates to "A man who doesn't have a Rolex by the time he's 50 has wasted his life." The words take a dig at Tibetan Buddhism, which shuns materialism.

American rock star Iggy Pop. Photo:

The face of American rock star Iggy Pop is shown heavily bruised. The caption reads: "L'avenir du rock, c'est Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber is the future of rock)."

Karl Lagerfield, the German fashion designer

The tortured face of Karl Lagerfield, the German fashion designer of Chanel, is shown in the third version of the campaign. The caption: "Sommet de l'elegance, c'est la chemise hawaienne et les tongs." Translation: "The height of elegance is a Hawaiian shirt and thongs."

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