About Us

The International Scholars Center (ISC) is a personal blog named so for our convenience and interest, and may be modified without prior notice.

The ISC blog aims to provide the readers with a collection of our writings on area of interests in the fields of International Relations (IR), Cambodian politics, Southeast Asian studies, Regional Security, Major Powers, Cambodia-India Relations, Monastics (monks) in Politics, and so forth. The blog is a repository of multimedia, articles, analyses, commentaries, documentaries, discussions, workshops, conferences, seminars, interviews, etc., accumulated from reliable sources of information. The blog's contents are under progressive construction, you may find it inconvenient, somehow. We are doing to complete it gradually.

Anyone feels it advantageous in the related area of interests, be free to follow the blog. You are most welcomed to share your own insights, comments or articles as far as the topics mentioned above are concerned. Thank you.

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